Bugsy’s dog run

Bugsy’s Dog Run Rumors

Wow! We are so amazed by how much progress has been made towards getting a new dog run built in Astoria so far!!! This process is far from over, and we will be continuing to keep everyone posted about all the details along the way.

However, we have been a bit taken aback by some of the misinformation floating around related to our cause.

Recently, a┬árumor has been going around Bugsy’s that the run will be shutting down as a result of our efforts. We are (and have been) against closing Bugsy’s and have received no indication from our councilman, from the parks alliance and the parks department, or from any community organization we work with that this will happen (at anytime, and definitely not anytime in the near future or in association with our cause). Bugsy’s Dog Run is the responsibility of the DEP, and it has always been, and remains a possibility, that they will opt to remove the dog run in order to conduct┬áneeded maintenance or other work on the property. It also is possible that the city will sell the land, and this has also always been a possibility. But we have received no information as of yet that there have been any plans (immediate or otherwise) to close Bugsy’s. And none of this would be at all associated with our group should such plans arise. It is highly unlikely that such action would have anything to do with plans to build a dog run either. The land Bugsy’s is on is of little use to developers because it is small, on a drainage pipe (so you can’t dig down), and on unstable land. The DEP is unlikely to remove the park unless necessary, and don’t care that the park is there (only that we don’t get upset if they have to remove it). The building of a new dog run wouldn’t be likely to make the DEP want to put in the necessary time and money to demolish the preexisting park just because another is build. So, as far as we know, this is only a rumor. If you have any conclusive evidence from the city that we have yet to be provided, please pass that along to us. Thanks!