In the News

The efforts to build a new dog park in Astoria has been making headlines for the last two years. Below are a timeline of some of the press we have received.


Astoria Post published an article on August 5th, 2016 about the design plans for the new dog run.

DNA Info also released an article outlining in more detail many of the amenities planned for the park. 


Press Conference Announcing the Funding for the Dog Run

We were graciously invited to a press conference held by Council Member Costa Constantinides on September 25th; the press release can be viewed here. Our local bloggers and reporters were also on hand; you can read their work by clicking on the links below:

From DNA Info: Astoria’s First Official Dog Run to Get $1M in Funds.

From We Heart Astoria: A Dog Run in Astoria? It’s Happening! 

From The Queens Chronicle: Astoria Dog Park to Receive $1M in Funding, and Astoria Dog Owners Ready for a Dog Run.

AKTINA TV did a segment on the press conference as well, which can be viewed on YouTube.

The New York Times

Our initiative, and the rationale for the price tag, was also covered by the New York Times on October 6th, 2015.


Check our interview on NY1 out here!! What an exciting opportunity it was to speak to Clodagh McGowan, and get word out there that the Astoria Dog Owners Association has won funding for our project. We had a great time hanging out with our pups and filming the segment, and the dogs absolutely loved all the attention (and the camera).

We won our Participatory Budgeting campaign! Learn more about all the winning proposals from the Astoria Post!

While it is only one line, our proposal received mention from the New York Times on April 17th, 2015.

We Heart Astoria endorsed our Participatory Budgeting proposal in this April 13th article. We appreciate their support of our project immeasurably!

Prior to the start of the Participatory Budgeting voting period, The Astoria Post covered the process and all the items on the ballot in this article.


The Queens Tribune covered our efforts in October of 2014. Check out their article here.

While the information presented by NY1 was only partially true, it is worth sharing with you!!! Via YouTube, check out their story on our cause in the video below.

DNA Info also covered our efforts, and were more accurate and precise than NY1. Their article, Astoria Pet Owners Push for a Better Dog Run can be found here.

The Astoria Post has also covered the story, and their article can be read by clicking here.

Finally, We Heart Astoria has featured our cause, and that article can be accessed by clicking here.


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