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Astoria Dog Owners Association operates exclusively with the help of dedicated volunteers (including our Board). Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are local dog owners, some are local business owners catering to dogs in the community (or work for these businesses), and some are both. We have people who were born and raised in Astoria, and others who are transplants. The biggest thing we all have in common is we love dogs, and want to better our community.

We are currently recruiting new volunteers to help us keep our park clean. Our application will be launched shortly, and will be available here. In the meantime, you can contact us via Facebook or our Contact Us page. 

Some ways volunteers have been involved with in the past are:

  1. Campaigning for our Participatory Budget initiative
  2. Brainstorming ideas for improving our community (with a dog minded focus) at meetings
  3. Communicating with other dog owners about their needs and wants at dog focuses areas, such as off-leash hours, the “unofficial” dog run near the park (Bugsy’s), etc.
  4. Helping with fundraisers (we have held one thus for our Participatory Budgeting Campaign in order to fund the purchase of fliers and other materials necessary).
  5. Collecting petition signatures to provide evidence of community demand for services.
  6. Networking, and coordinating with other groups and businesses
  7. Attending community events/community meetings to discuss ADOA and our initiatives with local dog owners.
  8. Providing a unique skill set to help assist with a give initiative (some unique skill sets our volunteers [including the Board] have used to help ADOA achieve our goals include: business/financial experience or skills; organizational social media management or website design experience; marketing skills; photography/graphic design; experience in event planning, etc.)

Some additional ways volunteers could foreseeably be involved in the future:

  1. Helping plan, organize, and execute events.
  2. Helping gather data on what services are lacking in the community, or what changes may need to be made to help improve the community for dogs and their owners.

These lists are far from comprehensive, and our organization operates in a very fluid manner in response to community need and volunteer expertise. Therefore, the role volunteers play definitely varies depending on demand. We foresee the need for volunteers to grow significantly with time, as our organization (and Astoria) grows, and especially when the park opens.


Astoria Dog Owners Association is proud to have partnered with local business during our Participatory Budgeting Campaign in 2015. While we are not presently fundraising, we are always happy to speak with local businesses about our community, future partnership/sponsorship opportunities, and of course, our dogs!

To learn more about business who we have partnered with in the past, please visit our Fundraising Initiatives page.

To speak with us further about partnering with Astoria Dog Owners Association, please visit our contact page, or our Facebook page.


Community Collaboration is an integral part of our mission at Astoria Dog Owners Association. If you are a member of a local community organization or civic group, and would like to learn more about Astoria Dog Owners Association, please contact us via our contact page or Facebook page. We are always happy to speak with concerned citizens and other local groups about how we can work together to make Astoria a better place for everyone.

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