Participatory Budgeting

Astoria Dog Owners Association helped secure half of our funding through Participatory Budgeting in District 22, thanks to the votes from our community. You can find the proposal that the community voted on here.


Participatory Budgeting is a process by which the community writes and selects capital project proposals to fund. Ideas for projects were initially brainstormed by large groups of community members, and these ideas were refined by volunteer Budget Delegates. Together, the delegates worked to determine the most needed and feasible of those projects that would also be eligible to receive capital funds from our councilman’s discretionary budget. The community will now have to selected their favorite project, which will be done via a vote. Projects can individually cost up to $500,000, and $1 Million has been allocated towards the funding of winning projects.


In order to vote, you must be able to prove you live in District 22 (you can also find the interactive map here). The proof of residency requirements are much more lenient than normal elections. If you have a license or city ID, that is great, but a bill with your name on it, a lease, or any other item that shows you live within the district, your name, and/or your age will work as well. Also, make sure to check out the district map, since Astoria is made up of two districts (District 22, Costa Constantinides and District 26, Jimmy Van Bramer), with lines that zigzag throughout Astoria.

Age requirements differ from general elections as well; anyone over 16 is eligible to vote.

WHERE TO VOTE (Spring 2015- polling locations may vary year by year):

Polling locations will be set up throughout the district, and may vary depending on day. Tentatively, these locations are as follows (and will be open 9am-9pm):

  1. Office of Councilman Constantinides: 31-09 Newtown Ave (between the Astoria Blvd. and 30th Avenue subway stops, right off of 31st street)
  2. Bohemian Hall:  29-19 24th Ave (closest subway stop – Astoria Blvd. Bohemian Hall is right off of 31st Street).
  3. Goodwill Apartments: 4-21 27th Avenue (Located on Hallets Point)
  4. Office of Assemblyman Michael DenDekker, Jackson Heights Shopping Center: 75-35 31st Avenue.
  5. Community Board 1 Office: 45-02 Ditmars Blvd. (Accessible via the N/Q Subway Line or the Q69 Bus)


The 2015 ballot consisted of multiple proposals across a variety of city departments.

Our proposal (#13) was the first item listed in the Parks section, along with several other proposals (including one other dog run in East Elmhurst/Jackson Heights on 25th Ave at 78th Street). Voters were welcome to vote for up to 5 projects. The projects that received the most votes won; during the first PB session, three projects were funded, including our dog park and two schools related projects.


SOURCE: Press Release from the Office of Councilman Costa Constantinides

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