About ADOA

Astoria Dog Owner’s Association was formed in 2014 to address the needs of Astoria’s dog community.

We are dedicated to creating a more dog-minded Astoria, including through establishing new dog friendly spaces without sacrificing those we already have (e.g. off leash hours).

The members of our organization are dog parents, dog lovers, and local business owners who help serve the canine community.

We operate thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers; everyone, including our executive committee, selflessly donate their time to ensure we can serve our community. ADOA volunteers want nothing more than to ensure the future of Astoria’s dog population is bright, and that Astoria becomes (and to an extent, remains) a dog friendly community.  To learn more about our committee, please see our People page. To learn how you can get involved, volunteer, or partner with ADOA, please check out our Get Involved page.

We also are committed to ensuring our community as a whole benefits from our mission, and our projects.

If you are an Astoria who does not have dogs and are curious how our mission and projects directly benefit you, please read more here. We have tried to address many of the concerns we have heard from the community, and how specific components of the dog park project in particular will benefit the community as a whole.

Our Initiatives

Astoria Dog Owners Association is committed to working with public officials and other community organizations to ensure the betterment of our neighborhood, and in efforts to support achieving our goals. Presently, we are working towards getting the first official dog run built here in Astoria. You can learn more about this project here.

Discussions about building a run have been occurring for years here in Astoria, and we at ADOA are committed to finally bringing those dreams to fruition. Our group was initially founded with the sole purpose of getting a safe dog run built here in Astoria (although we have since agreed to broaden our focus to ensuring the well being of dogs here in Astoria in general). As dog parents and animal lovers, it is incredibly important to us to ensure our pups have a safe place to play, dog parents have a place to socialize, and the community has a designated space where dogs can play without being in the way of others. A safe, clean, and accessible dog run would meet these needs. You can learn more about why this project is critical for our neighborhood here.

To learn more about our current effort to get a new dog run built in Astoria, please click here.

Stay Up to Date

To read up on the discussion at our meetings (via our minutes), or learn more about our meetings in general, please visit our Meetings page.

All of our latest updates are published to our blog and our Facebook page, so follow us to get the latest scoop.


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